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1. "The company" and "We" means Creative Kitchens & Bathroom Designs. 
2. "The Customer" and "You" means the person, firm or company purchasing the goods. 
3. A contract will come into effect between the company and the Customer when a quotation has been accepted and a deposit placed for the price quoted. 
4. Should, at any time, the law in relation to VAT (Value Added Tax), or in the event of HM Customs & Excise ruling that VAT is chargeable on items the company zero rated on our order, the company reserves the right to collect the tax due from the customer at any subsequent date. 
5. Whilst we do our best to deliver and install within the time scales indicated to you, we shall not be liable for any loss or delay. 
6. Where we have undertaken to offer a design service, the drawing shall remain our property until a contract for sale is made between you and us, or an agreed design fee has been paid in full. 
7. The customer will be responsible for insurance of all goods once they have been delivered to site. 
8. All kitchen materials, e.g. granite, timber and marble, may have slight variation in colour, grain or texture and, if in accordance with our specification, will be deemed acceptable by you. 
9. The customer agrees that the structure, condition and suitability of the premises for the installation are the Customer's responsibility. If at any time the installation is, for a structural or technical difficulty, impractical, the Company may terminate the contract. However, the Company will not make any payment to the Customer for loss the Customer may suffer, i.e. electrics to Part P standard and gas to Gas Safe standard. 
10. Title to the goods shall not pass to you until the goods are paid for in full. We therefore reserve the right to remove goods, whether installed or otherwise, if they are not paid in accordance with the contract between us. 
11. These terms together with the information on the quotation contain the entire agreement between Creative Kitchens & Bathroom Designs and the customer and no variation of them shall bind unless in writing by Creative Kitchens & Bathroom Designs. 
12. No Servant or agent of Creative Kitchen & Bathroom Designs has authority to make any oral representation or alteration concerning the nature or quality of Creative Kitchens & Bathroom Designs products or services or contract. 
13. The work to be carried out will be as per the quotation number stated on our order. All illustrations are for demonstration purposes only and this is not a sale by sample only. 
14. Painting, decorating, flooring and lifting are not included in the quotation unless otherwise stated. The Customer warrants that the premises are structurally suitable for the installation proposed. 
15. The Customer shall give Creative Kitchen & Bathroom Designs servants and agents access to the premises at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspecting the same, delivering and/or installation. 
16. If required by Creative Kitchen & Bathroom Designs the Customer shall make sufficient space available prior to delivery for the kitchen to be stored between delivery and commencement of installation. 
17. Your plan will be checked again before manufacture, and small changes in size may be made in the interest of obtaining a satisfactory fit. 
18. Where the customer undertakes to supply items or appliances, they must be available on site at the commencement of the installation. If for any reason the Customer fails to have them available, causing the installation work to be delayed, any resultant cost incurred by Creative Kitchen & Bathroom Designs must be borne by the customer. 
19. The Customer agrees to give access to the premises for the purpose of delivery and / or installation or subsequent visits that may be necessary for completion of the installation. 
20. Should the customer wish to make changes to this order subject to approval by Creative Kitchen & Bathroom Designs and any costs incurred by Creative Kitchen & Bathroom Designs arising from such changes must be borne by the Customer. 
21. Customers supplying machines or equipment requiring power points, plumbing or venting, must ensure that this work is mentioned in the quotation. 
22. If the installation is cancelled or moved by the customer within four weeks of installation date the Company will charge the Customer for re-scheduling of pre-booked labour costs from a minimum of £1,000.00 and up to the total cost of the labour plus 10% of the product costs. 
23. Supply Only Kitchens: Customers are totally responsible for all measurements and specifications and are advised to check all sizes on plans and listings prior to ordering. Creative Kitchen & Bathroom Designs will not accept responsibility for incorrect items. The Customer is also responsible for making his / her own arrangements regarding the cutting of worktops, joints, sinks and hobs cut outs and for providing all screws and fixings. Delivered goods must be checked for faults and the company notified within three days of delivery date. 
24. The Customer agrees that there will be an available supply of water, gas and electricity on the premises for the purpose of carrying out the installation and such services will be supplied at no cost the Company. 
25. Please not that natural finishes, i.e. wood/granite/stone, are subject to natural variations of colour, shade and texture. These are inherent properties in these products and we are not able to select or control these variations. An exact match between the different doors/worktops is not intended and will not be obtained. Additions of furniture, ordered at a later date, may not achieve a perfect match in colour or grain to furniture previously supplied. All samples are intended only as a indication of colour and texture and not an exact match. If they are in accordance with our specification, they will be deemed acceptable by you. 
26. Cabinet colours are colour coordinated as near as possible to the door front, in some instances and exact match is not possible. 
27. All items supplied are covered by individual manufacturer's warranties which are effective from the date of delivery. Installation is guaranteed for 12 months from start of fit. Kitchen furniture or laminate worktops are not covered for damaged caused by ingress of water irrespective of how it occurs. Out of guarantee services or repairs can be offered at £50.00 for the first hour and £30.00 per subsequent hour.  
28. The Customer has responsibility for periodically checking the security and tightness of plastic waste fittings within the sink area along with any washing machine and dishwasher flexible pipes. Creative Kitchen & Bathroom Designs will not be responsible for any damaged whatsoever caused by leaks attributed to these areas. 
29. The Customer must notify Creative Kitchen & Bathroom Designs in writing of any defects of discrepancies arising during the installation within three working days of the fitter leaving site. Creative Kitchen & Bathroom Designs will not be responsibility for any defects or discrepancies after this period. 
30. Any faulty goods supplied, furniture, worktops and appliances if not notified within 3 days of delivery or once used, will be considered owned and non-returnable or refundable. 
31. Payments to be made are 50% deposit with order, the balance to be paid seven days prior to delivery. 
32. All goods remain the property of Creative Kitchen & Bathroom Designs until payment has been received in full. 
33. Any damages resulting from the improper care of the products as described in the guidelines below will be not be covered by any guarantee  
34. The Customer agrees that all products listed in their quotation are suitable for their needs and suitable for their home. Whilst Creative Kitchen & Bathroom Designs have suggested products, they do not take responsibility for the suitability of any products to customers specific needs. Detailed information on product specification can be found on the manufactures website. If you are having trouble locating any information, please ask for assistance and the information will be provided.  
35. The Customer has a free choice of tradesmen to install any of the products listed. Creative Kitchen & Bathroom Designs does not insist on our recommended installers being used. Creative Kitchen & Bathroom Designs will assign an installer if no choice is made but do not take responsibility for this. 
36. Any tradesmen provided by or recommend by Creative Kitchen & Bathroom Designs work under their own insurances.  
We recommend the following door cleaning instructions for our doors: 
• Clean the doors only using a solution of 95% lukewarm water with no more than 5% soap. 
• Do NOT spray anything on to your doors. This includes the solution recommended above. 
• Use and clean and damp (not wet) cloth. 
• Always make sure to dry the doors and use a soft clean cloth. If the door is timber or timber veneer run the cloth in the grain direction. 
• Any cooking marks should be wiped away immediately. 
• Do no tallow liquids to seep into joints or edge edges of doors and wipe any spillages immediately. 
Do not use any of the following products to clean the doors as it may mark and damage the surface irreparably. 
• Wax furniture polish 
• Bleach or chlorine-based cleaning products 
• Abrasive cleaners 
• Solvents 
• Multi-purpose cleaners 
• Alcohol based cleaners 
• Ammonia based cleaners 
• Scouring pads or abrasive cloths 
Please be aware that localized or intense heat and/or steam can damage facias and cabinetry. Subsequently the use of small appliances such as kettles, toaster etc. in close proximity should be avoided. Sink and dishwasher areas are extremely vulnerable and extra care should be taken in these areas. Dishwashers should not be opened prematurely and should always be left to cool before opening. Furniture should not be exposed to extreme temperature changes. Some doors may have a protective film on the face. Direct sunlight may cause an adverse effect therefore it is recommended you remove this film as soon as possible after installation. 
Timber is a natural product therefore colour, grain structure and features will differ from door to door. Timber, veneer & painted doors have a unique and natural characteristic and because of this colours may change over time when exposed to sunlight. Timber can be prone to expansion and shrinkage based upon the environment which it is installed in. Furniture is affected by moisture; if there’s is too much moisture in the environment then it can have an adverse effect on the furniture over a period of time and I may lead to damage, especially in the winter months. Excessive moisture can be found in new builds, extensions and any room where extensive renovation work has taken place for example plastered walls or floor screeding. The natural expansion and shrinkage or timber may cause the surface finish (paint, varnish, lacquer) to move with the door. If this occurs it may result in a hairline crack appearing on the door and this is not deemed as a fault. 
Please follow all manufacturers guidelines with regards to maintenance of appliances. These can be found in the included literature with the appliance or on the manufacturers website. 
Quartz & granite worksurfaces should only be cleaned using warm soapy water. For very stubborn marks on quartz, Cif or similar can be used very lightly to lift the mark but should only be done in extreme cases. Chopping boards and pan supports should be used on all worksurfaces to avoid damage. Excessive moisture on laminate worksurfaces can damage the product so extra care should be taken in the sink area and around joins and/or edges. 
Damages caused by failure to adhere to these guidelines will not be replaced free of charge. 


  • February 2022
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